Friday, May 16, 2008

Bulk Invite Players to Your Team

The easiest way to add players to your team, is to use the Bulk Invite Players option. To get to this screen :

1. Login
2. Goto your team page
3. Click Team Admin
4. Click Bulk Invite Players

It allows you to enter a bunch of emails separated by a comma, and select the role you want for those team members. It will then mass email the players as well as add them to your team.

The players will then have to update their information, so their first name doesn't stay as their email address.

In the example below, we are creating 2 players as a :

COACH : So they will show up under the Coach tab with their contact information

TEAM ADMIN : So they can administer the team page and send out emails, update news, etc

TEAM STATS KEEPER : So they can enter scores online and update player statistics

NOTE #1 : Don't worry if the email already exists in the system, it will simply add that player to the team and not create a new account.

NOTE #2 : If you assign the TEAM MEMBER role, you will still have to drag and drop those players to your current teams roster, so they will show up on the Team View tab.

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