Friday, January 25, 2008

Google Calendar View

A new view has been has been added to the Schedule and Scores tab. The Calendar View. You may see some similarities between this calendar and Google calendar.

You can sort the calendar by month, week or day view and you can even filter by specific teams. The color of the calendar entry is determined by the home team's color.

If you click on a calendar entry, it will take you to the Score and Statistics of that game.

We have big ideas for this Calendar and we may even replace the default grid view on each Team's page.

We are also contemplating using some of the advanced drag and drop features for the Schedulizer

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adding Players To Your Team

You can add players to your team under the Team Admin tab, then clicking on the "Players and Team" tab.

You can either create NEW players that will automatically be added to your team. A confirmation email will be sent to the newly created player so they can login to the site.

OR you can search the entire league for players and ASK them to join your team.

Why would you want to do that? Well, its a good way to search for free agents, or just add your friends to your team so they can participate in ChalkTalk on your team page.

An email will be sent to the player asking them if they wish to join your team. If they accept, they will show up in the grid in the above screen shot.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just look for the green question marks

Where ever your see this question mark on the site, you can click it for some context specific help...So if you are on the League News Page, and you want to know how to add some League News, just click the green question mark and poof, you get a nice little yellow box telling you how to do it!

What a novel on the screen you actually need it on.

Team Statistics Keepers

League Administrators can now have a new role to assign to members : TEAM STATISTICS KEEPER. Team Statistics Keepers can input player statistics for each game.

This alleviates the need for League Administrators to enter stats for the whole league, so now they can delegate these tasks to 1 or more people on a team. The Team Statistics Keeper can be anyone, they do not have to be a players, so its perfect for Coaches, Fans, and Parents.

Here's how to enter the stats for your team:

1. Login

2. Goto you team page
3. Click on the Team Schedule tab
4. Click on the "Enter Stats" column for the game you want.
5. You can only enter Player Statistics for your team.

You will note in the picture above there is a "Save" icon and a "Delete" icon next to each persons name. This feature allows you to quickly update player stats for players who may not have any stats but still play in a game. It also gives you an overall view of the team stats.