Monday, December 7, 2009

Manage Team Roles and Permissions

If you need to change a persons role, to say a Team Admin, or add them as a Team Statistics Keeper, then you can do so by going to :

  1. Goto your Team Page
  2. Then click on "Team Admin"
  3. Then click on "Players and Team"
  4. Then select the person's name
  5. Then click the checkbox for TEAM STATISTICS KEEPER and TEAM ADMIN
  6. Then click Save.

Now the next time the person logs in, they will have their new permissions set up.

Check the screen shot below for more details

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Email Your League

Sometimes you have the need to email certain members of your league to notify them about a particular event or reminder. We have added an email league option under :

League Administration > Players > Email League

You can now target emails to all Fans, Coaches, Team Admins, Team Statistic Keepers and Team Members or any combination.

Check the screenshot below to see it in action.

Filter Your Player Lists and Copy to Excel

As your league grows with more and more players (fans, coaches, team admin, stats keepers), you need an easy way to find them. We have recently added a filter option to sort by roles. Have a look at the screenshot below.

After you have filtered your list you can click the "Copy to Clipboard" icon, also in the screenshot above, then open Micrsoft Excel or Word or any other program and paste the filtered list into that program.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Add / Minus Points in Standings Calculation

The standings are first sorted by the Points column. These points are dynamically calculated based on your League Scoring Options.

But sometimes you need to modify the Points because you want to either add or subtract points from a team in a given season.

This could be because of penalties against the team, or rewarding the team for their actions.

Now you can do this when you enter a score in for a game.

Notice the +/- Misc Points hyper link. Clicking on the link will take you to the next screenshot.
This screen lists all the miscellaneous points you have given to a team in the current season/division. It is advisable to provide a comment so you do not forget what why you gave the points.

Now when you go back to the Standings page, there should be an extra MP column (Miscellaneous Points). These points will be added to the total Points and the Standings will be sorted accordingly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tweaking Your Schedules

Ok, so you have just generated a bunch of schedules and you need to tweak it a bit. Maybe some games need to be moved to another day.
Or maybe you need to move a bunch of games to a new location. Or maybe you need to reschedule a block of games that could not be scheduled in the first place.

There are few options at your disposa
ble to accomplish this.

Whether you are in the Generate screen or the Manage Schedules screen (see above for a screenshot)

You will notice that you can "right click" on the grid, whether you are on a spefici day, or time slot, just right click and you will be presented with a menu.

Move Selected Games to Another Day
This option allows you to bulk move games to another day, while preserving the time slots

Change Selected Game Locations
This option allows you to bulk move games to another location.

Reschedule Games
This option will ask you to pick a new date or the same date, and a new location. If there is a conflict, it will not schedule the games. You can only use this option when you "Generate" games, because after you import them, it will only import games that could be scheduled.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Balanced Round Robin Schedule Generator with Location Conflict Manager

Balanced Round Robin Schedule Generator
with Location Conflict Manager
A round-robin tournament is a type of group tournament in which each participant plays every other participant. This is sometimes called a single round robin schedule. If each participant meets twice it is called a double round robin.
A balanced schedule means that the number of home and away games for a team will be as balanced as possible and the number of runs of consecutive home or away games will be as low as possible. No one participant will have an unfair advantage due to repeated placement at a specific game location.
Each location has its own calendar, and when a time slot is booked for that location it should used when generating schedules. A balanced round robin schedule should take into account the location component, and ensure that the location is not booked at that time. If it is booked, the schedule generator should be aware of this and try to re-book the game in the next available time slot, or move it to another location.

PlayerStreak seamlessly combines the single round robin strategy with team balancing and a location-aware conflict system to generate schedules.

Wizard Walkthrough
Schedule generation is not an easy task and usually requires multiple attempts to obtain a satisfactory schedule. The PlayerStreak approach uses a set of wizard screens to guide the user through the process, which serves to simplify the overall workflow.
Step 1 : Pick Your Teams
In the first step, you will need to select the teams that will be part of the schedule. You can choose to select all teams in a given season and division, or you can select the teams manually. You must have at least 4 teams to continue to the next screen.
Step 2 : Select Your Date and Time Slots
The next step is to select which days of the week your games will be played on. Also, you must select the start and end dates for your schedule. Don’t worry about matching up the days of the week with your start date, as this is calculated automatically. Remember, you can always re-generate your schedule before importing it. The next step is to select your start and end times for your locations. These are the available times slots that the games will be scheduled within. The last item to define is the game length. The generator is also smart enough to calculate if your game lengths exceed the available start and end times for your locations.
Step 3 : Select Your Locations
The next step is to select which locations your games will be played at.
Manually Select Locations
This option will ensure that all games for a given round of the schedule will all be played at the same location, barring any conflicts. Each round will select a new location. The order in which you select the locations will determine the order in which they are cycled through.
Use Each Team’s Home Location
This format is used when each team has their own home location. Each game in a given round will be played at the team’s home location. To select a team’s home location, click on the Location Name column next to the team name and a drop down box should appear with a complete list of locations. It is okay if more than one team shares a home location. The schedule generator will take this into account when determining conflicts at a given location and bump the timeslot accordingly.
Step 4 : Generate Your Schedule
In the last step, you are now ready to create your schedule. When the number of teams is odd, there will be one team who has a bye in each round. This game is not shown as it does not need to be scheduled. Each time the Create Schedule button is pressed a new schedule will be generated. To randomize the teams, click the Randomize Schedule checkbox first. This feature is useful if you create more than one schedule for the same group of teams or if the teams share locations, since the teams will come in a different order each time. A status message will also appear above the grid which will show you how many games could be scheduled with a corresponding percentage as well.
Pay special attention to the comment column. When a game has been successfully scheduled, you will see a green comment with the corresponding round number.
For example, a round 1 message will display as : ok. round 1
There are also other messages displayed in red.
  1. Existing Calendar Entry
    1. On a given day at a given location, there may be an existing appointment or game booked, and you will see this message, whether or not your entry conflicts. If your entry does conflict, the scheduled game will be automatically re-booked.
  1. No more times slots available for location
    1. This message means that you should try increasing your available start and end date times for locations. For example, if you have 4 games per round being played and each game is 1 hour long and your location is only available from 8:00 am to 11:00 am, you will see this message for the fourth game, which should really be scheduled for 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. You can go back and do this in Step 2 of the wizard.
  1. No available locations. Try increasing your end game date.
    1. This message means that the generator ran out of available dates, probably because your end game date is too short.
You can also now tweak your schedules after you have imported them. Check this link out to see how!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Submit Scores Online

Keeping track of scores for 1 league admin can be tedious. Even though there is a League Score Keeper the score keeper still has to enter in the scores for each game.

We have seen score keeping done in many ways : by email, by phone, and by text messaging, but these methods still require the score keeper to enter those scores on the website.

Well, we tried to remove that extra level data entry and delegate to the Team Statistics Keeper. Now, these team scorekeepers can enter the score for the game (usually the wining or losing team will report the scores), but this does not make the score final and the standing
s, points for, points against, etc will not be calculated. Also, if anyone looks at the score for the game, it will still show 0 - 0.

To get to this screen goto :
1. Login
2. Goto your team page
3. Click Schedule
4. In the Schedule grid click Submit Score

See below for a screen shot.

Now that the score for that game has been entered, when the League Score Keeper logs in, they will see a screen shot like the one below. Notice the orange
background for the last row?

You will notice that the scores are filled in, so all the score keeper has to do is click the save button and the standings, points, and scores are automatically updated. And as an added benefit, now no team stats keeper can submit a score again. See in the below screenshot in the "Submit Score" column where there are blanks? That means the game already has had the score approved by the league score keeper.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Basketball Statistics

We have just added basketball statistics and it automatically calculates points per game for free throws, field goals and 3 pointers! Sign up for your league here

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tournaments, Brackets and Ladder Matches

We have added Tournaments / Ladder Matches / Tournament Brackets to the main site. Any team in your league may participate in a tournament regardless if they are a part of a Season or Division. There are 3 types tournaments : 4 , 8 and 16 team. We will be adding more teams in the future.

If you would like to create a 12 team ladder match of playoff tournament for example, select the 16 team tournament type and the system will be smart enough to filter out the un-used teams.

To Create a Tournament
1. Goto "League Administration" after logging in
2. Click the "Tournament" tab
3. Click the "new" button
4. Enter a Tournament Name, Date, Type and Location
5. Click Save

Adding Teams to the Tournament
1. Drag a team from the team list and drop it on a blank tournament spot. You can only drop teams on the first column of the tournament.

Modify Scores in the Tournament
1. Once you have added teams to the first column, all you have to do is put your cursor on the score (should be 0 initially) and update the score.

There is no need to click the save button again as the tournament auto updates when you Add a Team or Modify a Score.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Standings : Over Time Games and Forfeits

There is now a flexible Scoring Option system when calculating Standing Points. Some sports may want 2 points per win, or 10 points per win. You can now customize this by navigating to : League Administration > General > League Options

You can also control how many points a team gets for forfeiting a game and how many points they get for an overtime win or loss.

Also we have added a couple new Standings Columns : Over Time Win (OTW), Over Time Loss (OTL) and Forfeits.

When you are in the score keeping screen, just check the
Over Time Game or Forfeit check box below.