Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tweaking Your Schedules

Ok, so you have just generated a bunch of schedules and you need to tweak it a bit. Maybe some games need to be moved to another day.
Or maybe you need to move a bunch of games to a new location. Or maybe you need to reschedule a block of games that could not be scheduled in the first place.

There are few options at your disposa
ble to accomplish this.

Whether you are in the Generate screen or the Manage Schedules screen (see above for a screenshot)

You will notice that you can "right click" on the grid, whether you are on a spefici day, or time slot, just right click and you will be presented with a menu.

Move Selected Games to Another Day
This option allows you to bulk move games to another day, while preserving the time slots

Change Selected Game Locations
This option allows you to bulk move games to another location.

Reschedule Games
This option will ask you to pick a new date or the same date, and a new location. If there is a conflict, it will not schedule the games. You can only use this option when you "Generate" games, because after you import them, it will only import games that could be scheduled.

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